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The villa, built in the 1870s, sits on top of a hill overlooking green fields and vineyards towards the south and west. On a property of about seven acres, the garden offers complete privacy and a variety of walks and quiet places.

This villa is not just a rental place, but the residence of a three-generation family who have filled it with an extensive collection of books and texts. It is a unique pleasure to immerse oneself in the quiet of this cultural oasis, away from loud crowds and everyday bustle. Over the years, the family has renovated the house to meet contemporary standards, while preserving its historic character. In the garden, the 25-meter pool, nestled in the hill in a very private spot, becomes the focal point of summer activities and never feels crowded.

Only ten minutes from the center of Lucca, the surroundings are open farmland, protected by the Cultural Landmarks Commission, with a church on a higher hill and farms and villas to dot the landscape. The area offers the best of what Tuscany is known and loved for: an unforgettable countryside, a beautiful medieval town full of art and precious boutiques, summer festivals with opera and concerts, amazing wines, and of course, renowned and unknown restaurants that will give great pleasure to those who appreciate the simple and sophisticated flavors of Tuscan cuisine.


For larger groups, or if extra bedrooms are needed for guests or staff, there are two more apartments in the villa down the hill, about 100 yards away, and within the same compound. One apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and the other apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. These apartments are managed separately; therefore, availability is not guaranteed.


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